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Live Young is a bespoke, guided hormonal balance, rejuvenation and weight loss program in Metabolic Hormonal Integration led by Yolande Hart.

The program is intended for total mind and body transformation that is simple, effective and lasts. The ethos behind ‘Live Young’ is this: Once you know your unique MHS (Metabolic Hormonal Signature), you can finally take back control of your body, vitality and life.

 A Holistic Approach To Support Mind, Body and Soul


An eating regime created for you, and you only, that teaches you how to eliminate body fat and keep it off once and for all.


Discover a lifestyle approach to exercise and movement that is as nurturing as it is invigorating.


Understand your own unique hormonal signature and watch your health soar in leaps and bounds.


Be the best version of you – wise, wonderful and ageless.

An Anti-Ageing And Weight Loss Coaching Program For Women Age 38 And Up

The Live Young program is rooted in Metabolic Hormonal Integration (MHI), a technique developed from the latest medical research to support women of 38 years and onwards who are experiencing body, mind and emotional changes due to the onset of hormonal imbalance.

Women, in particular, are often caught in a seesaw cycle of dieting and exercise. Self-management of issues such as weight gain, low energy, mood swings, lack of libido, stress and appearance only seem to get more difficult as we creep into our 40s. To make matters worse, many healthcare professionals will tell us these issues are normal.

The good news: This does not have to be your ‘normal’. In fact, you can make ‘now’ the prime years of your life.


To Fit Your Unique Needs


Seven Life-Changing Weeks With Three Months Of Personal Guidance

The Live Young Diamond Program offers you 7 to 14 transformative weeks of one-on-one coaching, counselling and fitness sessions to remarkably change the way you look and feel.


Five intimate days in the location of your choice to kick-start the new you…

The Live Young Platinum Program allows you to gather likeminded women together and host your own Live Young event. As host, you participate for free, and you also enjoy the mutual camaraderie of your friends and colleagues in making your transformation a reality.



Are you interested in slowing the ageing process? Do you have problems losing weight, maintaining a healthy mind and embracing life for all it’s worth?

Here’s what you do not know:
Hormones underpin every aspect of your mind and body when crossing into that ‘certain’ age group. Without understanding, appreciating and balancing your hormones, you will find yourself ageing at warp speed. But you don’t have to age that way. You can live young…

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Speak to Yolande directly in a no-obligation ‘meet & greet’ introductory phone call, and find out exactly how the Live Young Program can be applied to your unique health and wellbeing needs.

Real Women.

Real Results.

Success Stories

Suzie Jamieson

My presenting issues were tiredness, brain fog, and weight stagnant despite exercise, dry skin, brittle hair. I felt like nothing could be done and this was going to be my new state of normality. Having experienced ground-hog day over and over my biggest fear before embarking on this program was it might not work and be just like all the other health programs that are a one program fits all however Yolande provided so much knowledge on how the body works thus enabling me a greater understanding as to why my current approaches had not worked.

The results I gained from the program is greater energy, greater clarity of thinking, greater strength and fitness and I have transformed into a fit, strong, vibrant and confident person and I now have more energy to spend with the kids, greater efficiency at work with sharper mind, and more confidence in how I look. The most exciting bit is I now know what my unique and personal metabolic hormonal signature is thus knowing I can now eat and eat lots! No longer worrying about calorie counting!


3 months on and my recent Thryoflex test results.

I have gone from 285 down to 171 so dropped 110 points, which they felt was a great improvement since my last test! To be honest I put a lot of the results down to your diet and health changes as since then its been hard to pinpoint the change I have felt from the change in medication 🙂

Optimal thryoflex results are around 66 or at least under 100 so I’ll get there within the next few months I am sure. 

Anastasia India

My symptoms being such things as complete tiredness and lethargy (even though some nights I would sleep up to 9 or 10 hrs), forgetfulness, poor digestion, occasional fogginess and mild memory loss, weight gain and somewhat unhealthy looking and feeling skin, hair, nails.

I now have an understanding as to why all these things were happening to me and better still, I actually now have the knowledge to improve upon my health and wellbeing by making different choices in relation to my diet, exercise and general health. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that I was now in control of my health and my future. I honestly feel empowered and like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Thank you, Yolande for the knowledge and the clarity!

I really feel empowered.






Yolande’s story is intrinsic in understanding the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ behind Live Young: She was trained as a psychotherapist, neuro-linguistic programmer (NLP), and behavioural and personal fitness coach. She is a life-long student in Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism, meditation and yoga. Her personal journey from childhood trauma into womanhood and then menopause has been tantamount in creating this holistic program that combines innovative medical research with the essence of femininity.

Need to motivate others to live young?

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